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haha! have fun at highschool today NERDS. i’m gonna be doing cool ADULT stuff like sleeping WHENEVER i want and CRYING 

100% true horoscope facts


aries: sexually frustrated at everything
taurus: really nice but dead inside
gemini: mostly just hungry
cancer: in the closet but not really
leo: super gay for everyone
virgo: promises not to tell and then tells everyone
libra: lazy assholes like seriously do something with your life
scorpio: i’ve never met one but they’re all jerks
sagittarius: always boning your mom
capricorn: loves everyone but loves themselves more
aquarius: never not killing you
pisces: big booty bitches

Pacific Grove, CA. - mr. winston

captain america: a to z (a-d e-h i-l)


i reached 2,000+ followers recently and since i’m so grateful for each and every one of you (yes, even if i don’t talk to you although that should be fixed yes/yes?), i wanted to do an extra special giveaway! so here it is, folks!

okay so it may just be an ordinary giveaway, but i have no talent besides singing, and i doubt anyone wants a parody sung by yours truly, so buying things offline is the next best thing. i have multiple prizes at varying prices and sizes for y’all to choose from. i will be picking FIVE winners. the first winner chosen will choose a prize from the list first, the second chooses second, the third chooses third, and so on until the fifth person has chosen. i will give each person 48 hours to respond to my ask before i choose another winner.

for this giveaway i have a few rules:

  • this giveaway is for followers only, so only they may reblog (trust me, i’ll be checking!). new followers are welcome but if you only follow for the giveaway that’s pretty shitty and rude just fyi
  • you can reblog as many times as you want, but likes DO NOT count. i repeat, likes DO NOT count.
  • you must be comfortable giving me your name and address
  • this giveaway will end july 18th at 7:00pm cst

and, without further ado, here’s the list of prizes:

  • detailed full-body commission by hey-lethallan
  • shirt from the bioware store
  • piece of jewelry from land of rapture
  • game from wishlist on steam
  • mabari or nug plush from sanshee

good luck to everyone and thank you again for following me!!

Where were you?

Did you know?

Who are we to you?



I get quite a few questions about where I find my stock images that are used in live previews so here’s a list of my favourite (all can be found on the resources page). Most of these are free to use on personal and commercial projects but double check the licenses before use.

every four years, the world has one time zone.


as the next season of doctor who approaches its time for me to wrestle with the question

does my faith in peter capaldi outweigh my distrust of steven moffat